Mobile app for streaming news

Simple and useful interface of app will turn your smartphone to indispensable media tool which will be possible for streaming different format, content and genre news or it will let you be participant of the hottest events all over the planet.

3 in 1

News feed

Become a witness of the hottest world events by sitting on couch!

Publication tool

Film viral video, describe video, publish photo, interview in one click

Content stock exchange

Sell your content to leading mass media and get hot orders on production from them!

4 main product features



know about all news events, which is happening around

High speed update

we update our news feed every second

Online stock exchange

you can buy or sell news content of any format: photo, video, text

Freelance area

operative system of placing orders which everyone can do in certain location

It is easier to be a journalist now

  • Take photos, publish photos, take interview, write texts in interface of app
  • Let your subscribers become witness, and be a part of all world events

Media Companies can

  • fast and operative get access to all material or translations from the place of event
  • buy exclusive rights for all interested them material
  • post orders on making content to bloggers who placed near the plays of event
  • invitation to cooperation all required number of journalists

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Unique features of our product






Cross media


Stock exchange


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